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These are simply images from my experiences, taken on various devices, with the intent of conveying story, character, and depth. This is my wordless attempt to share the beauty I see in the world with others. I truly hope you enjoy these moments in time as much as I did trying to capturing them. 

pano of snow capped mountains and lake
pano of a riverbend in Mammoth, CA
temple in Japan
sun rays peeking through the clouds
pano in yosemit
lake in Mammoth, CA
beach rocks
monkeys in hot springs
woman hiking in Yosemite
woman and dog in front of mountain reflectin on lake
bach at sunset
sunflowers peeking over fence
sunset through the trees
pano of mountain and reflection on lake
arch ways in fushimi inari
tent on cliff in Hawaii
cabin in the fall
sun through a tree
lonely boat at sunset
sky at sunset
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