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These are simply images from my experiences, taken on various devices, with the intent of conveying story, character, and depth. This is my wordless attempt to share the beauty I see in the world with others. I truly hope you enjoy these moments in time as much as I did trying to capturing them. 

pano on top of Carew Tower in Cincinnati, OH
buddist temple in Japan
Rocky the squirrel in the trash
blurred lines of a truck passing at night
sky during LA fires
urban artwork in industrial building
colorful graffiti
gear shift in old bus
yellow items for sale in LA
wedding in am 1800s opera house
lonely pinata in abandoned building
downtown LA at sunrise
tsukiji fish market hustle and bustle
back stage at an improv festival in Utah
Parking lot at Dodger Stadium
New York subway car
picknics at the Getty museum
old basketball hoop on ground
Buddist temple in Japan
Cincinnati Bengals game
Graffiti under a bridge
In-n-Out menu
Nondescript building in downtown LA
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